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Dowsing Enhancer

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There are many methods used to dowse ranging from dowsing rods, pendulums made out of crystal, metal or wood to just using a wedding band or needle suspended on a thread of cotton.

Traditionally, a forked branch, in the shape of a 'Y' from a tree or bush was used.  Depending on the dowser, a specific tree was required to get the branch from, for example: witch hazel in the US and hazel twigs in Europe.  Used outside, the dowser would walk around until the branch starts to twitch over a spot they are seeking, like a water source.

If dowsing using a form of pendulum, the dowser normally starts by asking it to indicate a 'yes'  and a 'no'.  The pendulum will then either sway back and forth or swing in a circle, clockwise or anti-clockwise.  The dowser is then able to ask the pendulum questions that require a 'yes' or 'no' answer.

In the practice of radiesthesia, a pendulum is used for medical diagnosis.

Over the years, people have postured that dowsers are tapping into small changes in the magnetic field.  Others believe that everyone already knows the answers to everything and that dowsers are actually unconsciously drawing their knowledge from the 'Akashic Records' - a non-physical plane of existence that holds all the answers.

Dowsing Enhancer is a program specifically designed to amplify the state required to dowse.


How to use LIGHT-SYNC™

All LIGHT-SYNC™ products are 20 minutes in length and use flashes of lights and pulses of tones embedded in music to guide the brain into various states of brainwave activity.
All you need to do to get the benefits of these programs is to play the specially coded video on your cell, tablet, laptop, PC, Mac ... then watch and listen. 
To enhance the effects of LIGHT-SYNC™, run them on your mobile device or tablet.  Then, whilst lying down, place your device on your forehead, just above the bridge of your nose. Make sure the screen is facing inward, towards the top of your eyes and forehead.  You can close your eyes or keep them open, whichever works best for you.