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Enhance Memory

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Memory is an important tool we all use everyday.  However, when it starts to fail us, it can cause problems - forgetting important birthdays, people's names, the correct answer to a test question, what you were going to get from upstairs...the list goes on.  They are all things that we should know but, just for that moment, you can't recall.

The short term memory is something that can be improved so you can remember numbered sequences, shopping lists, even equations, for the time it takes to complete the task.

The long term memory is also something that can be improved.  It is used so you can remember a specific holiday and where you went on trips, learn and retain languages or scientific data, even scenes from childhood/teenage years.

The frequencies used in the Enhance Memory program are within the alpha range and are recognized as being potent in improving memory, long and short term.  Improvement can be consistent, rapid and permanent.



How to use LIGHT-SYNC™

All LIGHT-SYNC™ products are 20 minutes in length and use flashes of lights and pulses of tones embedded in music to guide the brain into various states of brainwave activity.
All you need to do to get the benefits of these programs is to play the specially coded video on your cell, tablet, laptop, PC, Mac ... then watch and listen. 
To enhance the effects of LIGHT-SYNC™, run them on your mobile device or tablet.  Then, whilst lying down, place your device on your forehead, just above the bridge of your nose. Make sure the screen is facing inward, towards the top of your eyes and forehead.  You can close your eyes or keep them open, whichever works best for you.